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~ This section will be updated once the 2017-2018 event dates are determined. Have a great summer!

Click here for a full calendar of PTA events for the 2016-2017 school year.

~ Board Members ~

To see the listing of board members & committee chairs for the 2016-2017 school year,

click here.

Interested in learning more about the PTA Board of Directors?
To see a list of board positions and responsibilities, and to learn more about what the board does, click here.

Ready to Become a Member? 

All you need to do is complete the form and submit payment online, or print and fill out the paper form and return it to school. Click here for the online and paper forms.

Incentives to Join

This year, we have many exciting incentives to join. We will be raffling off a Family Four-Pack of tickets to the Raleigh Grande movie theater, and each family that joins will receive a "Shout-Out" voucher, courtesy of Principal Cohen. We will also have goodies for the classes with the highest participation.

What is the PTA?
The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a national grass roots organization that brings parents and teachers together so they can work towards improving the lives and education of children. Simply, a PTA is a group of adults, both men and women, affiliated with a school that have organized to work to help children thrive and learn - whether that means fundraising for enrichment opportunities, educating parents, helping teachers, or fighting for legislation to ensure every child gets a high-quality education.

Why should you join the LES PTA?
Your membership in the PTA has a direct impact on your children and the quality of their school. The PTA has the ability, more than any other organization, to make a school a better place for your children to learn. By becoming a PTA member, you can help identify the needs of the school and develop solutions that include making the school safer, becoming more technologically advanced, and bringing enriched educational opportunities to the school.

Every study ever conducted on the relationship between student performance and parent involvement in education shows that when parents are involved in education, student academic performance improves.

How much does it cost and how do I join?
This is an annual membership - so if you joined in previous years, we need your support again! An individual membership is only $10 for the entire school year, to support dozens of valuable programs and events.

How Does My Membership Benefit LES?

Membership has so many benefits.  

  • Get Connected.  There's no better way to know about what's happening at LES.

  • Discover Great Resources.  PTA offers a variety of programs designed for students and their families.

  • Tap into a Network.  Parenting is not easy - it helps to share ideas, concerns, and experiences with other parents and educators in the community.  PTA events are opportunities to meet other parents and teachers, building rapport and discussing issues that are on your mind.

  • Speak up.  Because the PTA is a forum for exchanging ideas, you are encouraged to make suggestions.  PTA can be a way for you to effectively suggest change at our school.

  • Witness Improvement.  Our PTA plays an important role in fundraising to provide additional funding to staff, building improvements, curriculum-based programs, cultural arts, and social events - all vital to our school's success.

  • Be a Role Model.  By becoming a PTA member, you'll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education.