The PTA mini-grant program is designed to be a flexible source of PTA funding for LES faculty and staff, with the opportunity to receive funding for projects or purchases that will benefit the student population at LES. 

The PTA has a permanent agenda item at every board meeting to consider and approve applications that come forward during the application process. Please keep in mind the LES PTA Executive Board makes the final decision on all mini-grant requests, and mini-grants are considered on a first come first serve basis. Mini-grant funding will be available depending upon the outcome of fundraising efforts of the LES PTA.   

The Mini-Grant Process:

  • Teacher or staff member has an idea for a program, project, or purchase. 

  • Teacher or staff member completes the PTA Mini-Grant Application Form (FORM IS BEING UPDATED - LINK WILL BE ADDED SHORTLY). 

  • Teacher or staff member submits the application to the LES Principal.

  • The Principal reviews the application to see whether or not there are already funds allocated to the school to pay for the program, project or purchase. If so, he will allocate the money required to implement the program.

  • If no school funds are available, the application is presented to the Mini-Grant Committee.  The Committee will make a decision and get final approval from the PTA Executive Board at the next monthly board meeting.

  • The Executive Vice President makes sure the item(s) is (are) included on the agenda for the following PTA meeting.

  • During the PTA Board meeting, the Executive Vice President presents the applications(s) to the board.  The board members asks questions and vote on whether or not to fund the request(s).

  • The Vice President follows up with the teacher or staff member on the approval or denial.

  • If the request is approved, the Vice President will provide more information about the reimbursement process as needed.

  • After the program has commenced or completed, the teacher or staff sponsor is encouraged to report back to the PTA on the program's success.