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~ This section will be updated once the 2017-2018 event dates are determined. Have a great summer!

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At Leesville Elementary School, the focus of the PTA is on the programs and services that benefit our children and teachers. These programs and activities would not be possible without funding from the PTA. Cultural arts, Cubs Closet, classroom financial support, teacher mini-grants, parent workshops, family picnics and staff appreciation week are just a few of the areas where the LES PTA provides financial support. We will also be providing funds for various school improvement projects this year.

We are proud to partner with Read-A-Thon for the 2016-2017 Giving Campaign. Read-A-Thon is used across the country as an effective means of both raising money and encouraging reading and literacy in schools. The Read-A-Thon Giving Campaign will run from Friday, October 21st through Friday, November 11th. Our overall goal is to raise at least $20,000. If we reach our fundraising goal, each child will receive a homework pass and a school wide pajama day! Also, each reader who gets at least 3 sponsors will receive a shout-out coupon that Mr. Cohen will share on the morning news!

The program is easy to use. On Friday, October 21st, a personalized Reader Take Home Sheet was sent home with all students, along with information on how to create a personal fundraising web page. The link to the site can then be forwarded to friends and family members to make donations online. Please remind all supporters that donations are 100% tax deductible! The LES PTA Tax ID # is 56-1787326.

Sponsors donate through flat donations, not by minutes read. Readers request sponsorship based on their good faith intention to complete 10 reading sessions. Reading sessions will be held in the classroom, and your children can have their own reading sessions at home. You will be able to track each child’s progress through the website.

You may access the web site here as well:  www.read-a-thon.com/readers/

Readers are allocated 15% of the money they individually raise to spend in the online “prize store”. They can purchase any prizes they choose, and can even build a prize wish list. Prizes will be sent to school a few weeks after the end of the campaign. Readers also get a free prize for simply creating their personal fundraising page, so please help your children earn their free prize!

If you choose not to participate in the Read-A-Thon but still wish to donate to your child’s school, you may send cash or a check made out to “LES PTA” in an envelope with your child’s name and “Read-A-Thon Giving Campaign” noted on it.

You will be receiving more information and reminders throughout the campaign, which will end on Friday, November 11th. For any questions, please contact Wendie Hill at fundraising@lespta.com.

Thank you for supporting the LES PTA and your school!